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Rock Princess - Individual Jar

(1) 4g Jar of  "Rock Princess”


As a baker & treat maker who loves the glamorous side of desserts, I saw the need for a food grade glitter with a true SHINE. Introducing, Shine Dessert Glitter the newest edible glitter on the market. I am proud to say, Shine Dessert Glitter is made in the USA with the highest quality FDA compliant minerals rather than sugar so it will never change the taste of your desserts. Sprinkle or dust Shine Dessert Glitter on your favorite desserts or add it to your favorite drinks, but never add liquid to your glitter. I cannot wait to see your creations!


With love,



Shine Dessert Glitter is made only with FDA approved ingredients, so they are 100% edible! We are proud to say Shine Dessert Glitter is Kosher & Halal Certified , Vegan, Nut Free, Dairy Free & Gluten Free.


How Should I Store Shine Dessert Glitter? Shine Dessert Glitter should be stored in sealed containers, in a cool, dark, dry place to maint